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Appliance Test and Tag Services

Appliance Test and Tagging

We are committed and passionate about protecting your workplace & employees.  Do not risk safety hazards such as electrocution or fires—call our specialists today.

Whether you are a small local shop or a large business, we are the right choice. The latest testing equipment allow us to handle projects of any size. We believe that you deserve complete protection, regardless of the size of your business.

Our business in Antiques allowed us to see the importance of Test and Tag especially dealing with appliances that have been purchased secondhand even if they have been well looked after.  We realised that when it comes to your safety, using untested equipment that you do not know the history of puts you at risk. As electrical equipment ages it has the potential to be damaged by general wear and tear.   Call us today to arrange a quote 0431 125 020


Inspections, testing and tagging

A visual inspection of leads and equipment should always be conducted before use to ensure there is no damage. Damage may include:

  • cuts, fraying, heavy scuffing,

  • damage to plug, bent pins, taped leads,

  • coloured wires are visible,

  • signs of overheating such as burn marks or staining on the plug

Regular testing and tagging of electrical equipment is necessary to detect electrical faults and deterioration that cannot be found by visual inspection.

The nature and frequency of inspection and testing depends on factors such as the type of electrical equipment, the operating environment and how it is used  see: 

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